Sears and Zemansky's university physics : with modern by Hugh D Young; Roger A Freedman; Albert Lewis Ford

By Hugh D Young; Roger A Freedman; Albert Lewis Ford

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01 mm. Two values with the same number of significant figures may have different uncertainties; a distance given as 137 km also has three significant figures, but the uncertainty is about 1 km. When you use numbers that have uncertainties to compute other numbers, the computed numbers are also uncertain. When numbers are multiplied or divided, the number of significant figures in the result can be no greater than in the factor with the fewest significant figures. 3. When we add and subtract numbers, it’s the location of the decimal point that matters, not the number of significant figures.

3a). In 1960 an atomic standard for the meter was also established, using the wavelength of the orange-red light emitted by atoms of krypton (86Kr) in a glow discharge tube. Using this length standard, the speed of light in vacuum was measured to be 299,792,458 m> s. 3 Standards and Units 299,792,458 m> s. Hence the new definition of the meter (abbreviated m) is the distance that light travels in vacuum in 1 > 299,792,458 second (Fig. 3b). This provides a much more precise standard of length than the one based on a wavelength of light.

Even when they are off by a factor of ten, the results can be useful and interesting. 4 Estimates and Orders of Magnitude An order-of-magnitude estimate You are writing an adventure novel in which the hero escapes across the border with a billion dollars’ worth of gold in his suitcase. Could anyone carry that much gold? Would it fit in a suitcase? SOLUTION IDENTIFY, SET UP, and EXECUTE: Gold sells for around $400 an ounce. ) An ounce is about 30 grams; that’s worth 1 remembering. So ten dollars’ worth of gold has a mass of 40 9 ounce, or around one gram.

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