Seminar on Karl Marx [1960] by Leo Strauss

By Leo Strauss

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3 The rhetoric of showing and telling manifested in these webinars bolsters expectations that insights inhere in data and can be visually apprehended, at the same time as it renders such insights conditional and elusive. This showing and telling, I suggest, can be characterized as artful revelation. 1 Artfulness and Revelation In science and technology studies (STS), to speak of representational practice as artful usually is to dispel any notion of a natural order ready to reveal itself through the tools, techniques, and methods of science.

7 Presenters tend not to assume that the audience is already highly familiar with the software, although the jargon they use suggests that they do assume a level of familiarity with the particular organizational practices discussed in the webinar, such as marketing, logistics, human resource management, or financial retail. My students and I examined how presenters articulated linkages between “data,” “visualization,” and “analysis” and how they promoted, as well as visually demonstrated, the value of visual analytics as a way of seeing-into-data.

Such definitions bring the material-semiotic configurations of representation in scientific practice more clearly into view. Yet objects cannot be drawn as anything: they exert their own push and pull. , Haraway 1991; Barad 2007), we may inquire into the mutual relationships between who is drawing and what is being drawn, and how objects and subjects may be constituted through drawing as work. The mid-twentieth-century limitations of seeing as need not impede the more reflexive position required of the twenty-first.

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