Shared Responsibility: Beating Bullying in Australian by Findley Ian

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Qxd 32 25/5/06 3:02 PM Page 32 Shared Responsibility The survey lists a number of bullying behaviours and poses the question, Is this bullying? It also includes a scale from 1–10 to register the impact these behaviours may have on a recipient. These survey results give an indication of a student’s sense of social responsibility as well as leading into the discussion of the topic. Remember, bullying is all about the person it is happening to. Also remember that bullying behaviour can be negative and hurtful, as well as positive and bonding.

They are not in trouble, and will simply be asked to share the responsibility in helping solve the problem. • you will be taking an impact statement from them, the recipient, and with their permission, share it with the bullying group. • the purpose of the impact statement is to help the bullying student/s realise what they are doing, and how their actions are impacting on and affecting the recipient. • the group will be asked what they are prepared to do to help, and what they decide will be written down and kept on file.

Qxd 22 25/5/06 3:02 PM Page 22 Shared Responsibility ‘What’s happened to Ben? ’ Ben’s whole attitude to everybody had changed. I don’t know what Mr Findley said to him, but whatever it was it worked. Mr Findley called me out of class towards the end of the day. I was happy, very happy. Things had changed a lot in one day. Ben had not only stopped bullying he was being friendly and nice. He came up to me when I was working on a computer and asked what I was doing. Everyone likes the new Ben a lot better.

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