Sharing Executive Power: Roles and Relationships at the Top by José Luis Alvarez, Silviya Svejenova

By José Luis Alvarez, Silviya Svejenova

Govt groups are a key factor of trendy enterprise world--from the charismatic CEO who will depend on the operational services of a COO, to kin companies which belief in own bonds to accomplish expert effects. This learn examines duo and trio govt groups in perform to make clear the personalities, relationships, and organizational ideas characterizing the pinnacle echelons of company energy, from overseas monetary giants to inventive industries. The booklet solutions severe questions concerning how businesses paintings and take on problems with governance and responsibility.

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Such is the variety of hypotheses, concepts, and variables posed as alternatives to the agency theory constructs, that Zajac and Westphal (1998) have characterized these perspectives as a loose complex of behavioral approaches, defined primarily by what they are not: economic frameworks. Role theory is not usually registered within the behavioral perspectives, but it probably should be (Stewart, 1982). Roles are a collection of behaviors, bundled together as activities aimed at fulfilling certain expected tasks.

Micro impulses to political theories of organizations These works did not make a permanent impact – neither the works of Etzioni and Zald, both of whom were eminently Parsonian in their functionalist emphasis on classification and integration of political, social, and economic dimensions; nor the works of institutionalists who, like Bendix and Selznick, exhibited a preoccupation with aligning ideologies, power, and organizational goals. However, other studies originating in social psychology and linking the power dynamics of micro and macro social levels later elevated the topic of power to a central position in the field of organization studies.

In the 1990s, boards of directors were charged with keeping executives in check as a mechanism for stopping the rampant self-awarded salaries. However, the apparent failure of some boards to control the salaries of CEOs and other executives has meant that it is now the shareholders who begin to voice disapproval of the compensation packages in their annual meetings. (4) The systems and practices of corporate governance have been under intense scrutiny, as if the capitalist system, no longer having a competitive systemic alternative to beat, had turned its destructive energies on itself.

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