Shawnee Minisink. A Stratified Paleoindian–Archaic Site in by Charles W. McNett

By Charles W. McNett

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Dent Gap National Recreation Area, tourism and recreation are also important resources to the area. Geological History of the Upper Delaware Valley The Upper Delaware Valley region is located within one of the most com­ plete stratigraphie sections in North America. Unfortunately, however, much of the geological history of the area, especially in pre-Pleistocene times, has not been studied extensively. For this reason, this discussion of geological formation processes and events is circumscribed but still serves the purpose of acquainting the reader with our present knowledge of the area.

4. Recent Past and Present Biophysical Conditions 39 Epstein characterized the flow as having been generally from the north and moving almost due south with a slight southwestern deflection as the ice hit the Kittatinny Mountains and Godfrey Ridge and with some ice flowing through the actual Delaware Water Gap (1969:40). The ice pack was more than 410 m thick, as illustrated by striae on the crest of the Kittatinny Mountains, and subsequently scoured out the valley to a depth of 46-76 m below the present surface (Epstein 1969:7).

The solution at Salmon Ruin was to keypunch cards in the field and send them to the computer center at Eastern New Mexico University by Greyhound bus. However transmitted, daily summary runs could then be accessed from the field by remote terminal and provided valuable, virtually error-free data on which to base excavation decisions. Since the project's conversion software also had been designed to produce summary tables, the Shawnee Minisink project decided to implement the use of remote terminals for daily progress data.

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