Six tragedies by Seneca, Lucius Annaeus; Wilson, Emily R.; Seneca, Lucius

By Seneca, Lucius Annaeus; Wilson, Emily R.; Seneca, Lucius Annaeus

Seneca's performs are the made from a sensational, scary, and oppressive interval of background. show to the emperor Nero, Seneca lived via doubtful and violent occasions, and his dramas depict the extremes of human behaviour. Rape, suicide, child-killing, incestuous love, insanity and mutilation afflict the characters, who're obsessed and destroyed by means of their emotions. ardour is consistently set opposed to cause, and Read more...


this can be a energetic, readable and exact verse translation of the six top performs through essentially the most influential of all classical Latin writers. the amount contains Phaedra, Oedipus, Medea, Trojan Read more...

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Трагедия Еврипида «Алкеста» на древнегреческом с попутным английским переводом и примечаниями. «Алкеста» была поставлена на Великие Дионисии в 438 г. до нашей эры м в составе тетралогии, в которую входили несохранившиеся трагедии «Критянки», «Алкмеон в Псофнде» и «Телеф». Поскольку «Алкеста» занимала здесь четвертое место, обычно отводимое для драмы сатиров, некоторые исследователи стремятся найти в этой драме юмористические или даже бурлескные ситуации, но такие попытки едва ли основательны: бытовой элемент, несомненно присутствующий в образе Ферета, обрисованного не без доли иронии, в принципе не отличает его существенно хотя бы от кормилицы в «Ипполите», а в этой трагедии никто не станет искать черты драмы сатиров.

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610 A lowlier name would suit my feelings better; Hippolytus call me ‘sister’, or ‘hand-maiden’— yes, call me your slave, I will serve you in every way. I would not be ashamed, if you bid me go through snow-drifts, to scale the frozen ridges of Mount Pindus. And if you bade me walk through fire and enemy ranks in war I would bare my breast to meet the naked swords. Take up the sceptre entrusted to you, accept me as your servant: it is right for you to give orders, and me to obey. 20 phaedra It is not women’s job to govern cities.

If you chose to ride on the back of a horn-hoofed horse, 810 even Spartan Cyllarus,* your hands would guide the reins more skilfully than Castor. Should you stretch the sling out in the tips of your fingers, and fire the dart with all your strength, the Cretans, masters of the javelin, could not shoot the slim spear so far. Or if you wish to scatter arrows to the sky as the Parthians do, not one will come to earth without a bird: plunged in the still-warm belly, your shots will bring back plunder from the middle of the clouds.

No one has ever come back to touch the upper world, after once being drowned in the dark, 220 after going to the house which is quiet with eternal night. * Let him shut up his kingdom, let the Stygian* dog watch at the terrible gates; Theseus alone can find forbidden paths. phaedra Perhaps even he will be lenient towards my love. nurse He was unforgiving even to his chaste former wife:* Barbarian Antiope has felt his savage hand. But imagine that your angry husband can be swayed; who will persuade the inflexible heart of this boy of yours?

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