Sports & Hobbies Math (Practical Math in Context) by Lucia McKay, Maggie Guscott

By Lucia McKay, Maggie Guscott

Booklet by means of McKay, Lucia, Guscott, Maggie

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At this point they have both won the same number of races. How many races had they each won when they started racing today? Answer: Shawn had won ______ races, and Jael had won ______. If you need to review, return to lesson 5 (page 23). Write Your Own Problem ✍ Choose a problem you liked from this unit. Write a similar problem using a situation and related facts from your own life. With a partner, share and solve these problems together. Discuss the mathematics and compare the steps you used. If you need to, rewrite or correct the problems.

Does the bucket have the capacity to hold all the paint? The annual bird-watching contest attracts bird-watchers from near and far. This year, of 5,640 people –81 came from within 25 miles. How many bird-watchers is this? You trace all your grandparents, and three great-grandparents. How many more great-grandparents do you need to trace to complete that generation of your family tree? You pay about $1,200 to restore a junk car to race at your racetrack. You charge $8 per ticket for people to watch the races.

2. Clifton takes four rolls of film during the whale watching trip. Each roll contains 24 exposures, plus 3 free exposures. One quarter of the pictures that Clifton takes show whales. He gets one third of these whale pictures as 3"-by-5" prints. Then he checks the number of available pages in his 6"-by-8" album. a. How many pictures show whales? Answer: ______ pictures show whales. b. What is the minimum number of pages that he will need? Draw a picture to show an optimal page layout. Answer: He will need ______ pages.

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