Spreadsheet Exercises in Ecology and Evolution by Therese M. Donovan

By Therese M. Donovan

...from the Vermont Cooperative Fish and natural world learn Unit Spreadsheet venture. Amazon does not permit URLs in ebook studies, yet Google's first hyperlink looking at the above identify (no prices) was once the proper one on 9.12.07.

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Enter the value 0 as a literal in cell A10. In cell A11, enter the formula =A10+1. Copy the formula in cell A11. Select cells A12–A19. Paste. 3. In cell B10, enter a spreadsheet formula that expresses the equation shown in cell B9. In cell B10, type the formula =5+1*A10. We could omit the 1 in the equation and in the formula, but we keep it for consistency with the others. 4. Copy the formula in cell B10 down the column through cell B19. Copy the contents of cell B10. Select cells B11–B19. Paste.

The formula =NORMINV(RAND(),$B$4,$C$4) tells the spreadsheet to draw a random cumulative probability between 0 and 1 (the RAND() portion of the formula) from a normal distribution that has a mean given in cell B4 and a standard deviation given in cell C4. The formula returns the inverse of this probability; it changes the cumulative probability into an actual number from the distribution. Excel will return a value, which is the height of the individual. You’ll note that this formula is embedded within a ROUND formula, which consists of two parts that are separated by a comma.

As always, save your work frequently to disk. INSTRUCTIONS ANNOTATION A. Set up the spreadsheet. 1. Open a new spreadsheet and enter headings as shown in Figure 12. A B C 1 Spreadsheet Functions and Macros 2 Individual Height (cm) 3 1 12 4 2 2 5 3 8 6 4 20 7 5 3 8 6 5 9 7 12 10 8 6 11 9 4 12 13 10 9 11 7 14 15 12 4 13 1 16 14 7 17 15 7 18 16 10 19 17 1 20 18 3 21 19 2 22 20 4 23 Figure 12 Spreadsheet Functions and Macros 41 2. Set up a linear series from 1 to 20 in cells A4–A23. We will consider a sample of 20 individuals and their heights.

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