Stuka Vol 1 Ju87 Dive-Bomber Units 1939-1941

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The location of Field D in this area truncated Field C, which lies to the south, but greatly simplified recording and reporting procedures (see Chapter 2). 10 Only Building 600 was within the area owned by Mr. Hamad Talafieh and was therefore available for excavation by the Tall Jawa Project. More recently, Tall Jawa has been designated as an antiquities site by the Department of Antiquities of Jordan. ), 110, 111, 138) can be identified as possible church sites due to the presence of architectural elements and mosaic pavements and tesserae on the surface or in situ (Ibach 1987:20, 23, 24, 25, 187); see also the excavation of a mosaic floor at Masuh (Site 100) by Van Elderen (1970; Ibach 1987:187).

Force). tall jawa: the site and its setting 13 CHAPTER TWO RESEARCH STRATEGY AND RECORDING TECHNIQUES P. M. Michèle Daviau Introduction Two research goals were of primary importance in the excavation of Building 600; first, the full exposure of this structure in order to understand its plan, internal room arrangement, and function, and secondly, the determination of the stratigraphic relationship of this structure to the earlier Iron Age occupation at the site. The pattern of collapse in Building 600 made it difficult to grasp the plan of the building prior to excavation.

6d. Southeast corner of Wall 6005, looking west.

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