Suicide Bombers: Allah's New Martyrs by Farhad Khosrokhavar

By Farhad Khosrokhavar

Within the West, the suicide bomber has turn into a well-recognized photo in newspapers and on tv. In Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and somewhere else, the result of suicide bombing were devastating. What drives younger women and men to develop into suicide bombers? this isn't a question that's usually addressed. This impressive publication presents a few of the solutions, and explores how the suicide bomber pertains to the concept that of the martyr in fundamentalist Islam. Farhad Khosrokhavar contrasts it with the belief of the martyr in Christianity. most significantly, he deals a transparent perception into the various ways that the concept that is seen inside Islam, together with divisions inside Islamic fundamentalist teams, which swap in line with the political state of affairs of the rustic during which they're based.Drawing on broad interviews with jailed Islamist militants, Farhad Khosrokhavar examines differing attitudes in the direction of the 'sacred loss of life' in a number of Islamic nations, together with Iran, Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt. He additionally investigates transnational networks similar to Al-Qaeda, supplying pics of varied prisoners who belong to the group.Farhad Khosrokhavar distinguishes among sorts of martyr: these from the constructing global, who're excluded from what modernity has to supply; and the minority who stay on the middle of the Western global – a regularly middle-class diaspora from the center East and the Maghreb who're comfy with numerous cultural codes, yet whose adventure of the West continues to be marked via racism and discrimination.

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These three thinkers are trying to give Muslims a new selfconfidence. They lost their self-confidence as a result of the assaults of imperialism and the false prestige of a West that is depriving Muslims of their self-respect and devotion to their faith. Qutb and Mawdudi’s equivalents in the Shi’ite world are Khomeini in Iran and Musâ Sadre and Fadlallah in Lebanon. Their ideas are close to the subject of power, or the notion of Velayat-e faqih (the sovereignty of the doctor of Islamic law) developed by Khomeini.

This is especially true of Khomeini, who preached government by the Islamic Jurist or Velayat- Khosrokhavar 01 intro 35 5/1/05 4:50:31 pm 36 Suicide Bombers e faqih. An ungodly government must be fought with the weapon of faith, so as to establish an Islamic government that will apply shari’a law and fight the Westernisation of morality by resorting to the Islamic principle of imposing Good and forbidding Evil (mar bil ma’ruf wa nahy an al munkir). The role of jihad now becomes essential. It is associated with the alim’s idjithad (giving religious opinions that conform to Islam) and politicises his role, which was originally restricted to the legal domain.

The modern imaginary relies upon statistics to disguise its uncertainties and to back up its analyses. In humanitarian phenomena, we often hear actors invoking the possibility of saving Khosrokhavar 01 intro 27 5/1/05 4:50:30 pm 28 Suicide Bombers the lives of hundreds of children and innocents at a time when, even in France or the West, only a few can be saved. The logic of devotion to the cause is translated into statistics and numbers that serve to legitimise the action. The same phenomenon can be observed amongst Islamists, but they refer to the number of deaths caused by one or the other side.

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