Taiji Sword, Classical Yang Style: The Complete Form, Qigong by Yang Jwing-Ming, James C. O'Leary

By Yang Jwing-Ming, James C. O'Leary

Author note: James C. O'Leary (Editor)

Beyond the Barehand shape, past the Qigong, lies the stylish and potent Sword of Taijiquan! learn how to expand your Qi, improve your artwork and refine yourself. This entire consultant comprises not just the full Taiji Sword shape and Taiji Sword Qigong Set, but in addition seldom taught sword combating functions and matching exercises.

More than simply a "how-to," this booklet additionally includes conception, historical past and an entire consultant to fundamentals—all necessary to construction a deep, knowing of this artwork, lengthy thought of to be the top success in Taijiquan, in addition to the preferred of the Taiji weapons.
• develop and chill out your body.
• Calm and concentration your mind.
• increase your balance.
• increase right Taiji breathing.
• research the full Sword shape and Taiji Sword Qigong.
• Over four hundred pictures with designated guide.

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Next, inhale and scoop your hands down to the abdominal area, while rotating your hands until they face each other (Figure 2-42). Continue your inhalation, and at the same time raise your hands to chest height (Figure 2-43). The arms are slightly bent. Finally, exhale, rotate both of your hands until they are facing downward, and lower both of your hands to abdominal height (Figure 2-44). You should practice about six to ten repetitions of this up and down cycle. 38 Figure 2-43 Figure 2-44 ) Power Training 6.

Raise the right toe while pivoting on the right heel. At the same time, turn right until the body is facing to the rear. During the turn the left foot pivots and turns on its toes (Figure 2-11). Bend the knees until the left knee is about one inch off the ground (Figure 2-12). In this final position, the right foot is flat and the left is on its toes. For turning to the left reverse directions and weighting. Don’t rise up during the turn. 4. Four-Six Stance (Si Liu Bu, ) This is one of the most versatile stances in Chinese martial arts (Figure 2-13).

From the mind, the Qi is led to the physical body to manifest it as power. Therefore, we can see that the Qi is the energy, while the physical body is like the machine. A detailed explanation of Qigong can be found in the YMAA book The Essence of Shaolin White Crane. , digestive system). , Chinese Thrusting Vessel, ), they actually function as Upper Brain Thinking one (Figure 2-16). , is able to store data, utilizing electrochemical charges), while Spinal Cord the lower brain has memory, but does (Thrusting Vessel) not have the capability of thought.

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