Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 9 (NBER Tax Policy and by James M. Poterba (ed.)

By James M. Poterba (ed.)

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4 million. 8 million hours. We also use our empirical model to simulate the effects of the 1993 EITC expansion on participation in transfer programs. The results are summarized in the lower panel of Table 5. 2 percentage points or that almost 400,000 families will no longer participate either in AFDC or in the food stamps program. The increased net wages of primary wage TABLE 5. 2 Transfer program participation effects Number leaving program Single-parent families Two-parent families 398,384 117,757 Mean annual benefit $6,844 $4,702 Mean EITC payment $2,040 $2,842 The estimation of the change in hours from new labor force participation assumes that, on average, these persons work 20 hours per week for 20 weeks per year.

The 90th percentile two-parent family in New York received AFDC-UP and, hence, faced marginal and average tax rates that are similar to those shown in Figures 1 and 2. Otherwise, marginal rates rarely exceed 50 percent, and average rates rarely exceed 40 percent for two-parent families. The tax rates presented in the top panel of Figure 2 are lowerin We have made similar graphs for families in Illinois, a medium benefit state, that are available on request. For the median single-parent family the figures show patterns similar to those in Texas, while tax rates on the high-tax family are similar to those in New York.

And Laurence S. Seidman. (1990). The Earned Income Tax Credit: Antipoverty Effectiveness and Labor Market Effects.. Kalamazoo, MI: W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. Holtzblatt, Janet, Janet McCubbin, and Robert Gillette. (1994). " National Tax Journal September: 591-607. Hoynes, Hilary Williamson. (1993). " National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper no. 4407, July. Hubbard, R. Glenn, Jonathan Skinner, and Stephen P. Zeldes. (1993). " Columbia University, University of Virginia, and University of Pennsylvania, October.

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