Technology and Science in the People's Republic of China. An by Jon Sigurdson

By Jon Sigurdson

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This dilemma will be illustrated by referring to the Chinese debate on technology acquisition. 16 "Self-reliance is a question of line" Li Hsin, Red Flag, No. 4, Apr. 1, 1975 (translated in Selections from People's Republic of China Magazines, CMP - S P R C M - 7 5 - 1 3 ) . 40 Technology and Science in the People's Republic of China Technology Acquisition China started again in 1972 to import complete sets of equipment, this time to be used in producing chemical fibres and fertilizer. She began in the following year to export crude oil to a number of capitalist countries.

Premier Hua stresses importance of developing science (Beijing, Mar. 7, 1978), Xinhua News Agency (Stockholm), 1978, No. 59. 2 Article 12 of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, adopted on Mar. 5, 1978, by the Fifth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China at its first session: BBC FF/ 5759/C/l. 28 Policies 29 These are differentiated quite sharply here for purposes of underlining the distinct cha­ racter of each, although, in fact, categories often overlap. The three modes are ranked in descending order of technological sophistication:3 (1) Scientific laboratory industry.

34 In discussing and understanding these aspects we constantly have to keep in mind that technology is both a system of its own and a component of larger social systems. Consequently, value choices, development strategy, and technology policy are all interconnected, and we must look into the inner dynamics of technology as well as its links with the broader processes in society. Open-door Scientific Research The coupling, or integration, of the research laboratories with the outside world serves two important but very different functions.

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