The Apocryphon of John: Synopsis of Nag Hammadi Codices by Waldstein M, Michael Waldstein, Frederik Wisse

By Waldstein M, Michael Waldstein, Frederik Wisse

This synopsis of the Apocryphon of John offers the 4 Coptic textual content (NHC II,1; III,1 and IV,1; with BG 8502) in parallel columns with English translations in related association underneath the Coptic textual content. very important parallel texts are incorporated in an appendix. the quantity additionally includes a learn bibliography at the Apocryphon of John and an index of Coptic and Greek phrases.

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Extra info for The Apocryphon of John: Synopsis of Nag Hammadi Codices Ii,1; Iii,1; And Iv,1 With Bg 8502,2 (Nag Hammadi and Manichaean Studies)

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2 And (δε) the fourth light (is) 3 [Ele]leth, 14 the one whom he placed (καθιστάναι) 4 over the fourth aeon (αίών). 3 with whom there are three aeons (αίών), namely, 6 16 Perfection (τέλιος), 7 Peace (ειρήνη), 18 Wisdom (σοφία). These are the four * lights 20 which attend t h e ' divine Self-Generator (αύτογενέτωρ), • III 12,8 |GM( The scribe appears to have jumped ahead to GM in 12,9 and con-ectcd the error incompletely; the confusion continues in 12,11-12. εΑ' 12 T ΑΓΑΠΗ TA6A n M ( e g q T 0 ] " 0 Y A e ΝΝΑΙΦΙΝ exPi nMeg"qTooY ΜφψρτΗρ ΗλΗλΗθ CENNEMAQ" "Ae N6I κείφίρΜΤ" NAICUN 16 n x c u t C εβοΛ.

BG 37,10 τ α ι κ ε e e o x is unclear. " · BG 37,15 Till-Schenke emend to ACll, but see III 15,7. 60 79 61 THE APOCRYPHON OF JOHN SYNOPSIS 26 2 ACKCU gN TMHTe ΝΤβ'ΚΛΟΟΑΒ ΝΝΟΥθρΟΝΟΟ 2 AYCU ACKCU " N o y e p o N o c gN ΤΜΗΤΕ ΝΤΚΗΠΕ xe x e "NNEAAAY NAY e p o q 4 eiMHTI ngA riON NTTNÄ 2l xe eTeajAYMOYTe THAAY NNBTONJ THPOY 6 AYCU A c f PAN e p o q x e IAAAABACUS 8 EAQTTUKE NOYAYNAMIC eNAcpcuc EBOA GN 16'TMAAY AYCU AqcAgcuq ε β ο λ MMOC 10 'AqncucuNe EEOA JN ΟΥΤΟΠΟΟ ε γ τ ο ' < π > ο ο 6ΒΟΑ gM ΠΜΑ " N T A Y X n o q NgHTq NAYNAMIC E[B]OA g|TN TeqMAAY 10 12 Aq'24eMAgTe 12 AqTAMIO NAq' NgNKeilCUN 14 gN "OYOJAg NKCUgT' NOYOeiN ΠΑΪ E T c y o o n 16 AYCU Aq'NOYGB MN ΤΑΠΟΝΟΙΑ 26 27 18 A q x n o NNeiOYciA e T g A ' p o q TAI ε Τ φ Ο Ο Π 18 AYCU MMNTCNOOYC NAFTEAOC A q x n o N z s g e N ' e i O Y C I A NAq She joined 20 lhat 19 no one might sec him who is called 6 And She joined a luminous cloud with him, 2 ' and placed a throne (θρόνος) in the middle o f 9 the cloud 10 4 except (el μήτι) the holy (άγιοι/) 20 Spirit (πνεύμα) 22 7 a luminous cloud with him, 2 and placed " a throne (θρόνος) in the middle of the cloud 21 " who is called 1 and moved from place (τόπος) to place (τόπος), 6 the one in which he exists now.

10 And he shared his fire8 with ihem, but (δέ) he did not send forth (any) o f 9 the power of the light 12 which he had taken from his Mother, for (γαρ) he is ignorant darkness. 14 And (δέ) " when the light had mixed with the darkness, darkness to shine. o . · III 17,18 The expected stroke on Mis missing. • III 17,19 con. ογ 3 over e (from masc. ). • BG 41,14 e erased before + ο γ . 68 13 the light, it darkened the light 18 and it became 14 neither (ούτε) light nor dark, but (άλλά) it became 15 dim.

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