The Arab World and Turkey by Al Bustany

By Al Bustany

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448. lin 'Aufi written without al~f after the ~a' (quasi: 'AbU 1-ijarth'). Wry. 3Thus only in Sihd~, p. 180. 4LF, ed. qbiil, p. 293. I Thus Baihaql. 2LF, eArtiQi, cAufi. 3see below, no. 149. 4No. 303. , p. 180, in one manuscript. 6Ed. Iqbiil, p. 293, also in Qawwiis, p. 7p. 228. 138 ('Abii 1-Khair') and $i~a~. p. 180. 64 PERSIAN LITERA TIJRE, VOLUME V 14. , who was known already to Radiiyanl, is the author of a ghazal of seven verses quoted by 'Aufi in his chapter on the Ghaznavid poets. He is presuambly identical with the author of the ode which Jajarrnl ascribes to 'Ba Laith Gurganl'.

Iqbiil p. v. sarshakh (ed. lqbiil p. 77; ed. i/Sadiqi p. ) and attributed by some of the manuscripts to Kisi'L 3Ed. -Petersburg 1899; ed. 952 and reprints; see PL I p. 928·9. kovskiy in the volume cited in the preceding note; ed. $afi, lThus vocalised in samcini, new edition, III p. 326 no. 936. 2ed. Iqbiil p. 471. /1953 and reprints; cf. PL I p. 929-30. Sold edition, p. 54. 6old edition, p. 263. -~ I 68 PERSIAN LITERATURE, VOLUME V posed by his prrs. ~ many passages in the Asrlir, the lfallit and other relatively early sources :.

2Pahlavi Texts, ed. M. Jamasp-Asana, 2 volumes, Bombay 1897-1913. 3Pahlavi Texts II p. C. Tavadia, 'A rhymed ballad in Pahlavi', JRAS 1955 p. 29-36. ) 2000, p. 82-95. 5Pahlavi Texts II p. 54, translated and discussed by Henning in 'A Pahlavi poem' (see above) p. 647-8. 6Tarrkh i Srstan, p. 37. ORIGINS OF PERSIAN POETRY 47 tangible of the two essential components of Arabic poetry - was introduced into Persian earlier than quantitative metre. Clearly post-Islamic examples of rhymed, but not quantitative poetry include the couplet attributed, most probably wrongly, to Abii }:Iaf~ [46] al-Sughdi, to which Lazard!

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