The Ardabil Carpets by Rexford Stead

By Rexford Stead

The richness of close to japanese paintings is epitomized by way of 16th- and seventeenth-century Persian carpets. top-of-the-line ever produced, the 2 Ardabil carpets are believed to were made as choices for the Shrine of Sheikh Safi at Ardabil throughout the Safavid dynasty in sixteenth-century Persia. during this textual content Rexford Stead explores the intricacies of the Ardabil carpets—one previously within the Getty Museum and now within the l. a. County Museum of artwork, and the opposite within the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. A bibliography and exhibition historical past are incorporated.

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By 1900 he was in England where he headed a syndicate that built the London subways. During his later years, he developed a taste for lavish and exotic objects including a gold bedstead that had belonged to the king of the Belgians and, not surprisingly, the Ardabil carpet now at Los Angeles. If an issue of the American Art News, dated December 1, 1919, is correct, Yerkes purchased his Ardabil from Vincent Robinson and Company in 1892 for the staggering sum of $80,000,17 or approximately $76,000 more than that paid by 34 the South Kensington Museum for the larger London version.

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