The Art and Architecture of Medieval Russia by Arthur. Voyce

By Arthur. Voyce

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The characteristic feature of the polychrome style at Panticapaeum and in the Sarmatian world is not merely the use of precious stones to adorn jewelry but something more important and distinctive. Instead of merely providing settings for precious stones, it incrusts gold objects and ornaments surfaces with gems and cut stones, occasionally enamels. The surface gradually becomes no more than a field for incrustation and for the production of polychrome effects. The goldsmith uses inset gems of various shapes and sizes and glass and enamels of various hues.

As excavations in Russia multiplied, producing ever more examples of Scythian art, it became evident that the whole of the Eurasian steppe had a life which stretched far back into the past and that, in the Scythian period, all parts of it had been linked by close and regular contacts. The origin of Scythian art is much analyzed the subject in great detail, is inclined to central Asia the source of the style, A. sian Turkestan, G. Borovka disputed. RostovtzefiF, M. Tallgren to northern Siberia, 40 who consider points to Rus- H.

There is no real natural barrier the Ural mountain chain is arbitrarily is between the two continents, for nothing more than a median line that accepted as a boundary between European and The boundless spaces of the north are largely covered with thick forests, and to the south stretch out the interminable steppes. It is for this reason that Russia is rightly Asiatic Russia. described by KHuchevsky as "a land of transition, an interme1 V. Kliuchevsky, Kurs Russkoi I, 17-31. istorii, of Russia, 19 I, Lecture III; A.

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