The Bible Atlas by Zaine Ridling

By Zaine Ridling

Этот атлас окажет помощь любому читателю Библии в ориентации среди её бесчисленных исторических и географических упоминаний, отсылающих от Индии и Междуречья Евфрата и Тигра к Эдаму, Мидии и Парфии и далее – к Египту, Эфиопии, Греции и даже Риму и Испании, которые посещал или надеялся посетить апостол Павел. И между этими пределами находится, под различными наименованиями - Ханаан, земля Израиля Палестина, непосредственно, Святая Земля.
Картами различных масштабов, проекций, разрезов, атлас даёт полное представление о физической географии региона, а также последовательных исторических изменениях, отражающих появление и исчезновение городов, государств и империй. Атлас, основанный на данных не только Библии, но и исторической науки и археологии, не только освещает, но и дополняет текст Библии, давая более полную картину исторического и географического фона.
Таким образом, в этом "Атласе" читатель найдет такие места, как Мари на Евфрате, Ахетатон (Телль Эль-Амарна) в Египте, Угарит в Сирии, Хатусса в Малой Азии, Серабит эль-Хадим на Синае и множество других, которые являются незнакомыми большинству читателей Библии, но, тем не менее, важны.Образцы сканов:

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I learned that the language of the Gospel could lift up angry, fearful people, not with false hope (for Christian hope is always found near the cross), but with a hope rooted in Christ and his Word. As people wanted to have their trust restored, they found security in their faith. I remember one Sunday, I preached on what it felt like to be a priest in Boston. I told the congregation about my experiences and that of my fellow priests. I described our anger, confusion, and shame. I talked of the hope of the Gospel and what it meant to be a priest preaching the Gospel when people were astonished at the number of priests under accusation.

M. No one comes! ” That was eighteen years ago. A senior priest in the parish, Father Dick Powers, had heard me preach at Weston Jesuit. After a few Sundays at St. Peter’s with “no one” there, I approached him. ” “But the people at St. ” It has been a moving experience. Today, St. m. Mass is vibrant. ” Within a week I realized that the congregation wanted some Gospel way to think through the events unfolding in Boston. They 25 Chapter Three wanted a light to illuminate them, a light the newspapers could not give.

He was my greatest fan. He loved hearing me speak. But after two talks, he said, “Son, your talks are great. But during the question and answer sessions, you have the habit of interrupting your questioners before they have finished speaking. ” “Son, then, humor them and let them finish. ” I was surprised at how obtuse I was. I was not simply being rude—beneath my interruptions were an arrogance, a condescension, and a lack of humility. My dad was teaching me to be humble and civil, to recognize my place in the conversation.

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