The Cipher Manuscript - necronomicon by Al Azif

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In reaction to a position similar to Vielhauer's, Walker said: . "51 It has become more and more difficult for scholars to admit that Jesus was called king, Son of God, and messiah—all of which are royal designations—and at the same time claim that his other title, Son of man, was in no way related to any nationalistic, political move‫״‬ ment or aspiration. In addition to emphasizing the heavenly aspect of the vision enthroning the Son of man, scholars have identified the term, Son of man, with "man" in Philip 2:7.

6) For from of old we have confessed the power of your hand against the Kittim . " (12). The Hasidim were not opposed to war in principle. At the outset they joined forces with the Hasmoneans in their defense of the law (I Macc 2:42-48). They were willing to fight to restore purified worship in the temple and law observance among the people. Once the temple had been 63 As S. Tedesche and S. Zeitlin, The First Book of Maccabees (New York, 1950), p. 44, correctly suggested in relation to I Macc 14:27.

13, but the author did not plan it that way. He formed his inclusion with his introductory question "To which of the angels has he ever said" (1:5, 13). Within the inelusion in 1:5-14, there is also a smaller literary form. A chiasm is formed by the organization of contrasts: (5) Son, (6) angels, (7) angels, and (8-12) Son. 26 To this the reference to Ps 8, together with the exhortation, seems like an appendage. Nonetheless, the subject matter (Son, angels, exaltation, and suppression of enemies underfoot) is coherent throughout 1 : 5 2:9, which forms the beginning argument in defense of the Son.

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