The Coercive Social Worker. British Lessons for American by Joel F. Handler

By Joel F. Handler

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207. Report of The Care of Children Committee, Section 1, para. 85. Education Act, 1944, Section 41 (b). National Assistance Act, 1948, Part III, Sections 21 and 29. The Coercive Social Worker 38 in need and were unable to obtain other facilities. The resident was required to pay a standard charge for the accommodation, but if he could not afford this minimum (he must still be left with pocket money), then National Assistance would pay what was necessary. The local welfare authority also had the responsibility of providing temporary accommodations for people who became homeless under circumstances that they could not reasonably foresee.

Cmnd. 7695, para. 452, r. 168, 1949. 7 Foundations of the Modern Welfare State 23 sickness, unemployment, death) but contained gaps and anomolies. Selfemployed people were not adequately covered; benefits for sickness, disability, and old age pensions were too low; and many people in need failed to qualify on the contribution test or exhausted their right to 8 benefits. The plan of the Beveridge Report was to replace the separate schemes for unemployment, sickness, old age, and widowhood with a 9 comprehensive system and provide for benefits at subsistence levels.

41. p. 35. 24 The Coercive Social Worker employers and employees were paid into a common fund at flat rates and 12 benefits were paid for injury, disablement, or death. Social assistance provided benefits in cash or in-kind to destitute individuals and families. It is supposed to be the residual cash (or in-kind) welfare program, filling the gaps left by the various insurance schemes. Social assistance is based on need. It has a means test and levels of assistance are usually at the bare minimum.

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