Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler, Volume 2 - Journal by Alfred Adler

By Alfred Adler

V. 2. magazine articles : 1898-1909 / new translations by means of Gerald L. Liebenau

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With razor sharp perception he “called a spade a spade,” exposing the social viruses of self-indulgence, arrogance, depreciation, and the addiction to power over others. His penetrating critique of selfishness and his appraisal of Freud’s theory as “the psychology of the spoiled child” have understandably made a number of people uncomfortable. Yet Adler’s frankness and simplicity are refreshing in a field too often saturated with technical jargon and disguised rationalizations for egocentricity.

Breathing dust from clothes that fills the small room must be regarded as an additional harmful factor. It can contribute to developing lung diseases, particularly tuberculosis. Yet, even the dust cannot explain our high statistics. Constantly being indoors also contributes to aggravating the situation and, with regard to tuberculosis, places the tailor in a more vulnerable position than workers in other trades who enjoy fresh air. However, an understanding of these frightful statistics can only be gained with knowing how tailors live.

The small custom tailors, who usually employ workers by the week, share with them their modest homes and food. During the season they work with their employees 16 to 18 hours a day, and often through the night, and reduce their personnel during the off-season. When the work load is particularly heavy they, of course, call on the master piece workers who, with a few journeymen and with as many apprentices as permitted by the guild, work at starvation wages. Clothing stores use custom tailors who, on their own premises, employ workers paid by the week, except in the larger establishments, such as in Berlin where they are paid on a different scale.

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