The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler, Volume 7 - by Alfred Adler

By Alfred Adler

V. 7. magazine articles : 1931-1937

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Certain major problems which no person can escape are significant to everyone. These three social problems are the relationship to others, work, and love. These three major problems require for their solution an active social feeling. Any attempt at solving them without a social feeling must naturally fail. Such people are not to blame, although they created their own style of life. They failed to comprehend, had not surmised, did not know what life had hidden in its shadows from their slowly burgeoning understanding.

These symptoms are similar to those we list under neurasthenia and psychasthenia. In cases of anxiety, we deal with a wholly different set of symptoms found in the realm of feelings and emotions. These symptoms are extraordinarily important, but if we wish to be able to understand and communicate, we must bring out what makes them unique in language that is intellectually comprehendible. Then we suddenly become aware again that it is a mistake to segregate one part out of the whole psychological structure and to believe that under those constrictions it is possible to describe or understand anything.

They are not to blame, but will fail later because they did not learn early on to connect, to regard themselves as a part of the whole. It obviously means a great deal that a child regards himself as belonging, as being a part of the whole. It means that he feels himself at home on the earth, and that he has courage. We have found that all neurotics lack courage. This is shown clearly in anxiety neurosis, where the patient always fails. We find the hesitating attitude in all forms of neurosis. However, these are the same images we saw in pampered children.

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