The Cosmic Question by John A. Keel

By John A. Keel

A unprecedented booklet via the mythical Fortean investigator. united kingdom variation of The 8th Tower

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From my global wanderings in 1957, I received a phone call from an articulate, middle-aged man who said he was a scientist working on a government ESP project in Pensacola, Florida. He wanted me to travel to Pensacola at my own expense and submit to a series of tests. I didn't go, and I have never heard a thing about the supposed project. Larer, however, I did volunteer for a long series of tests at a parapsychology laboratory in New York headed by Dr Karl Osis, one of the suporstars in physical research.

Sanderson, a zoologist and a very original thinker, went one giant step further. If this collective unconsciousness existed like a magnetic blanket over the entire planet, and if it could manipulate our reality independently, rhea it would mean that this world is really a living organism with a mind of its own. T o assure its own survival it has to feed off us. It has to 'jolly us along', as Ivan put it, urging us to breed and giving us some kind of hope so we won't just throw up our hands and commit genocide.

Many famous dowsers also have unique psychic talents. Some don't have to walk in a field. They are so psychic they just hold their stick over a map and it dips down at the spot where water can be found. - i Fig. 8. 1. Rabi of Columbia University observed: Atoms can act like little radio transmitters broadcasting on ultrashort waves .. Man himself, as well as all kinds of supposedly inert matter, constantly emits rays. The . existence of such rays coming from man and all living things, and probably from the inanimate, has been suspected by a few scientists for many years.

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