The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered: The First Complete by Robert H. Eisenman, Michael Wise

By Robert H. Eisenman, Michael Wise

This groundbreaking quantity gains revelatory material--available essentially for the 1st time. those 50 records solid a startling gentle on occasions in Palestine on the sunrise of Christianity, alluding not just to doctrines we now realize as Christian, but in addition to the precursors of Islam and Jewish Kabbalism. images.

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The emphasis on 'keeping the Covenant' encountered above is continued - in this case even in captivity. The style shifts in the second and third fragments if in fact all the fragments are part of the same document - to the first person, where it would appear to become more of a pseudo-Ezekiel than a pseudo-Jeremiah composition, though one could even opine this for the curious historical information presented in Fragment 1. Of course, in this context, the very term 'pseudo' is perhaps inappropriate, as many people have doubted that the Biblical Jeremiah is entirely the work of a single individual by that name.

7, paralleling similar usages in the Community Rule, the Habakkuk Pesher, etc. In texts such as these, ma~as is always used to portray the activities of the ideological adversary of the Righteous Teacher, the 'Liar'/ 'Spouter' who 'rejects the Law in the midst of the whole congregation' or the parallel activities of those archetypical 'sons/servants of Darkness' who do likewise. Here it is used in contradistinction to 'choosing' in this case the groups' opponents reverse the natural order; they 'choose the Evil', instead of 'the Good', which they 'reject'.

What had ceased was the certain knowledge of just which prophets carried on the succession. Josephus, contrasting the relatively small number of Jewish holy books with the situation among the Greeks, also provides the following description: 'The prophets subsequent to Moses wrote the history of the events of their own times in thirteen books ... ) The door was open for false prophets and Josephus notes all the impostors and deceivers, pretending divine inspiration, provoking revolutionary actions and driving the masses to madness.

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