The definition of good by Alfred Cyril Ewing

By Alfred Cyril Ewing

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Checkman said, "The First Cav is straight north at An Khe, about forty miles. " "Crap," Miser mumbled. " "Like, Delaware," Checkman said, grinning. "We do have an ARVN battalion right across the road, and lots of strikers at the camps. " "Oh, the pinko French priest nobody ever sees. Likes to badmouth Americans and is supposed to be chummy with the VC. " Miser teased. " He downshifted. "There are two American USAID reps in the little compound next to ours. They just built a reinforced bunker for the province chief—under his quarters—and a tennis court on the edge of town.

She put her things in the room next to mine and returned to claim the armchair in front of the hearth. It was growing colder as the light outside died. I said, "Would you fire up the kindling in the fireplace? It's all set to go. " She knelt to ignite the wood shavings and splints, baring a band of skin at the small of her back. The room filled with the aroma of apple wood and sage as the scrap caught. Celeste stood up and paused at the framed photos on the mantelpiece. She spotted her father in a group shot.

Freckles and golden-red stubble speckled his cheeks. "Sir," he said, gesturing for me to get in while he signed for a courier pouch and handed the clipboard back up to the crew chief. Miser said, "Good day ... " "Yes, Sergeant. PFC Checkman. " He hefted the mailbag and our duffels, threw them into the jeep, and slid behind the wheel as the Otter taxied away. Miser stepped up into the back, I took the front passenger seat, and we drove off at a leisurely pace. " Miser said. Checkman's forehead furrowed.

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