The Early Works of Orestes Brownson: The Transcendentalist by Patrick W. Carey

By Patrick W. Carey

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During this time, while we are working off this surplus, while the mills run short time, or stop altogether, the workmen must want employment. 73 71 “Orestes Brownson: An American Marxist Before Marx,” Sewanee Review 47 (July-September 1939): 321. 72 Walter Hugins, Jacksonian Democracy and the Working Class (Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 1960), 220-21. 73 “The Present State of Society,” Democratic Review 13 (July 1843): 34. See also The Works of Orestes A. Brownson, ed. Henry F.

See also chapter 7 in this volume, p. 312. 80 Introduction 29 on the spirit. Human beings were naturally religious, but in the Christianity of the church, the people, particularly the lower classes, were subjugated by priests who were in league with the masters of industry and therefore could not preach a message to liberate people from the unjust structures from which the priests themselves had profited. The essay indicted the clergy in general, but also the interlocking relationships between the wealthy Bostonian Unitarian capitalists and the Unitarian ministry.

The evils were part of the constitution of society, and government was the agent of society. Government—influenced by the industrialists, capitalists, lawyers, ministers, educators, and others of the unproductive classes of society— had enacted laws that protected vested interests. To reform government meant that politicians had to repeal all laws against the laboring class, enact laws that would enable working people to maintain their equality, free the government from the control of banks, and destroy all monopolies and all privileges that were protected by current legislation.

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