The Ecosystem of the Foreign Language Learner: Selected by Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel, Magdalena Szyszka

By Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel, Magdalena Szyszka

This quantity examines chosen points of the overseas language studying strategy from an ecological point of view, adopting a holistic view on advanced interrelations between and inside organisms (L2 language rookies) and their milieus (family, university and society). firstly, the private environment of the learner is considered, wherein strong impacts are intertwined: cognitive and affective facets. the training house shaped by way of the person is essentially formed through their affective states coexisting along side their cognitive procedures. furthermore, this particular area can also be changed via a much wider array of different own ecosystems or these of cultures. as a result, the atmosphere of the international language learner can be topic to impacts coming from sociocultural leverage that may be represented via humans they be aware of, like mom and dad and language lecturers, who can either at once and in some way manage their atmosphere. while different vital forces, akin to tradition as a ubiquitous point within the international language studying approach, even have the ability to form that environment. for this reason, the booklet is split into 3 elements masking a number issues regarding those easy dimensions of overseas language acquisition (the cognitive, affective and socio-cultural). half I, Affective Interconnections, makes a speciality of the physique of unique empirical learn into the affective area of not just L2 language freshmen but in addition non-native language lecturers. half II, Cognitive Interconnections, stories on contributions on language novices’ linguistic processing and cognitive representations of ideas. The ultimate half, Socio-cultural Interconnections, presents new insights into language studying methods as they're tormented by social and cultural factors.

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From Bad luck/good luck, by Martin Hinton). References Arnold, J. (1999). Affect in language learning. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press. Carroll, J. B. (1965). The prediction of success in foreign language training. In R. ), Training, research and education (pp. 87–136). New York, NY: Wiley. Dörnyei, Z. (2010). The relationship between language aptitude and language learning motivation: Individual differences from a dynamic systems perspective. In E. ), Continuum companion to second-language acquisition (pp.

6, for instance, had a maximum score of 20 for Importance of sound, a good accent and was the second best mimic, however, others who gave high scores on the same scale (Nos. 7 and 9) had poor accents and were below average mimics. It is very possible that more combinations of factors such as the Cecily Effect are at work and that some individuals are greatly influenced by one factor, whether positively or negatively, while others are not. 32 M. Hinton It was noted at the end of Sect. 6 that there appeared to be some relationship between mimicry skill and English accent as predicted in the literature reviewed in Sect.

Mimicry testing does appear to be a good way of predicting eventual degree of accent in foreign languages but will be more effective if factors such as the Cecily Effect can be accounted for and prevented from skewing results. The Cecily hypothesis would, of course, need to be investigated experimentally, and other similar factors sought for. The present study is designed to pilot some of The Cecily Effect: A Pilot Study 25 the tools which may be used in that investigation, but is also of particular interest, despite its small size, since it features two of the original Cecilys, and thus allows for confirmation of the original results with the same subjects.

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