The Elephantine Papyri in English: Three Millennia of by Bezalel Porten

By Bezalel Porten


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Bohleke, GM 85 (1985), 13-24 passim; K. ZibeliusChen, SAK 16 (1989), 331-332; K. Jansen-Winkeln, ZÄS 119 (1992), 24-31. , Amun of Karnak, "The Thrones of the Two Lands" (nswt-ttwy) generally being understood as a name of the famous city. A curious interpretation ("lord of the /«r-property holders of the Two Lands") was recently put forward by H. Goedicke in U. , The Intellectual Heritage of Egypt. Studies Presented to Lâszlô Kâkosy (Studia Aegyptiaca 14; Budapest, 1992), 197-203. Occurrences in J.

Turin 1887 13 External Address that you may live long. ] Khay of the House of Harakhty to the Mayor Mentuher[khepeshef of Elephantine]. ("Turin Indictment Papyrus") CHARGES AGAINST SEVERAL OFFICIALS DATE: SIZE: LINES: COMPLAINANT: SCRIBE: PUBLICATION: Post 4 Ramesses V = ca. 1150 BCE1 134 cm wide by 41 cm high 73+x (= 2+X+31, perpendicular to the fibers on the recto [= ends of two lines on the top+x {col 0}+14 lines {col 1 } + 17 lines {col 2}]; on verso, 40 lines parallel to the fibers [= 13 lines {col 1 }+16 lines {col 2 } + l l lines {col 3}]) The god's father Qakhepesh?

2,735 square meters; cf. A. Gardiner, Egyptian Grammar §266, 3). 27 For nkt "thing, something" in the deprecatory sense of "scrap, trifle," cf. P. Vleeming, The Gooseherds of Hou (Studia Demotica 3; Leuven, 1991), 85 (pp) with literature; also M. Römer, SAK 19 (1992), 276 n. 85. 28 Ca. 3,075 liters. The corresponding yield of 10 khar per aroura was expected from so-called nhb-land ("fresh land"); cf. S. Katary, Land Tenure in the Ramesside Period, 214. e. 22 liters. i hib dit cmr, cf. M. Bakir, Egyptian Epistolography, 67-68; 105-106.

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