The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession, and Divine by Diana L. Paxson

By Diana L. Paxson

Bestselling writer of a number of myth novels, together with Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ancestors of Avalon, Diana L. Paxson now turns her cognizance to Trance ownership.

Specifically, the best way to thoroughly and successfully input and to go out possessory trance. In possessory trance, one voluntarily deals one's physique as a car for spirit paintings.

This differs from different kinds of trance in that one's "normal" character is changed via a character that's pointed out via oneself and one's group as a spirit or a god.

Here Paxson explores all elements of trance ownership, including:
• easy methods to organize for possessory trance
• tips to input and go out trance ownership safely—and what to do if issues get too heavy
• connecting with Saints and Spirits, together with these present in Afro-Diasporic religions
A useful ebook of specific curiosity to witches and pagans, every one bankruptcy comprises to 5 workouts that might help you on your own studies with possession.

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Allowing for the fact that these terms come from different cultures and languages and are neither completely equivalent nor really 16 The ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO POSSESSION translatable, we can nonetheless see that many of the terms for soul parts fall into certain broad categories. The divisions do not line up exactly, but clearly the idea that the body is paired with a soul which is itself composed of multiple parts is a popular one. The psychoanalytic model of the psyche identifies multiple structures below the level of the conscious self, whereas the religious models propose varying levels of superconscious soul.

But a name can change and a face can be disguised. What about our body, the physical vehicle in which our consciousness rides around? In possessory work we relinquish control of our body, but it is the mind that becomes still while the body not only moves but may also perform feats impossible when the original owner is in charge. I have seen small women swing heavy swords while in trance and a man who walked with a cane dance vigorously. Offering oneself as a vehicle is a service to both the Powers and the community.

Heathens are fond of saying “We are our deeds”(Wodening 1998). Though our bodies, our roles, and our names may change, the choices we make and the deeds we do reveal our essential identity. Practice Before you begin, get a notebook in which to answer questions from the exercises and record your experiences. 1: The Bucket List If you knew your life was going to end within the year: •W  hat would you want to see, and where would you want to go? What is it about each of these things or places that is important to you?

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