Focal Encyclopedia of Photography, Fourth Edition: Digital by Michael Peres

By Michael Peres

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Ilford: Multigrade variable contrast paper. Ñ Weisberger, A. (Kodak): Low allergenic alky sulfonamidoalkyl substituted phenylenediamine color developers. Ñ High-resolution plates permitting 750x enlargement. Ñ Nietz, A. and Russell, F. (Kodak): Thiocyanate ripened silver halide emulsions. 1942 Ñ Atanasoff, J. V. : Built the first electronic digital computer. Ñ Carroll, B. H. and Allen, C. F. H. (Kodak): Quaternary ammonium salt development accelerators used to increase sensitivity. : Oxonol filter and backing dyes.

P. H. (Kodak): High contrast images produced by the hydrazine effect. 1945 Ñ Multicontrast photographic papers with the contrast depending on the color of the exposing light. 1946 Ñ Back, F. ): Designed zoom lens for 16 mm motion-picture cameras. Ñ Ektachrome reversal sheet film, user processed. Ñ Blackner, L. , Brown, F. , and Kunz, C. : Rapid processing and projection of images 15 seconds after taking. Ñ Evans, R. : Introduced the photofinishing concept that the total light reflected from each print should integrate approximately to a neutral hue.

And Keyes, G. : Preparation of tetra- and pentacarbocyanines. : Emulsion for direct positives and prints, without inversion of a provisional negative. : Electronic flash with white light. Ñ Mannes, L. D. and Godowsky, L. (Kodak): Subtractive three-color separation with superimposed emulsion layers, the color couplers added to the developers, and color separation obtained by controlled differential dye bleaching (early Kodachrome process). Ñ Merocyanine spectral sensitizers discovered independently by J.

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