The Globalization of Terror: The Challenge of Al-Qaida and by Yoram Schweitzer

By Yoram Schweitzer

The terrorist destruction of the realm exchange heart on September eleven, 2001 was once the climax of a path plotted by means of Osama Bin encumbered to result in his apocalyptic imaginative and prescient of a decisive conflict among the Western and Moslem worlds. This well timed quantity information the organiational workings and trust approach of Bin Ladens brutal crusade. The authors discover the historical past and targets of the assaults, the frilly making plans that went into them, and the method in their useful execution. as well as its authentic account, The Globaliation of Terror makes an important contribution to scholarly and theoretical study facing foreign terror. The publication deals a distinct research of the Afghan "alumni," who had formerly fought the Soviets within the Eighties, in the total tapestry on the topic of sleek foreign terror. The authors aspect how their actions developed from a flow of nationwide self-defense to the militant worldview pointed out with radical Islam. The e-book unearths, besides, the organiational constitution so rigorously erected through Bin encumbered and his affiliates, with the intention to realie the imaginative and prescient of a global Islamic Caliphate in useful phrases. The e-book is meant to paintings as a collection of guidance for novices to the realm of overseas terrorism together with anti-terror activity forces, heads of safeguard businesses in addition to pros within the box. the significance of The Globaliation of Terror lies in its transparent presentation and particular research concerning the dimensions of the chance overseas terror poses to the loose international, and in its innovations for the mandatory technique to hinder the recurrence of acts of large-scale terror.

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31 Khomeini argued that if the ruler is faithful to Islam, then he must be subordinate to the Fakiah and consult with the Fukaha themselves; control of the state must be placed in their hands. The new meaning that Khomeini gave to Shia includes the belief in immediate messianic redemption, which can be promoted through political activity. Thus, one must not wait for redemption but rather take action to hasten it. According to the new Shia, the religious doctrines and symbols are to go hand in hand with the political struggle; not only is there no distinction between religion and politics, but even the most ritualistic aspects of Shiite Islam (such as the Ashura) take on political meaning.

52 Despite the attempt on the part of Bin-Laden and his cohorts in the Global Jihad Movement to present themselves as the representatives of all of Islam, there is a difference, for example, between the worldview of the Muslim Brotherhood (in its “pragmatic” interpretation, which was also exploited through extremist commentary to justify murderous terror and violence) and that of the Afghan alumni. Admittedly, both schools tend to derive their individual and communal behavioral patterns from religion, according to their interpretation; however the main difference lies in their dissimilar interpretations of Islamic religious ruling.

42 Subsequently, this theme arose repeatedly in Bin-Laden’s declarations, and he took practical steps to realize his threats. In the framework of his preparations to implement a terror campaign in the United States, BinLaden initiated a comprehensive psychological warfare operation, starting with a propaganda film in June 2001, which was aired on the Qatar television network named Al-Jazeera. In the film he appealed to all Muslims to take part in the campaign against the foes of Islam, with the archenemies of the United States and Israel at the head of the list.

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