The Glorious Golden Ratio by Alfred S. Posamentier, Ingmar Lehmann

By Alfred S. Posamentier, Ingmar Lehmann

What precisely is the Golden Ratio? How was once it chanced on? the place is it came across? those questions and extra are completely defined during this enticing travel of 1 of mathematics' best phenomena. Veteran educators and prolific arithmetic writers hint the looks of the Golden Ratio all through heritage and exhibit quite a few inventive concepts used to build it and illustrate the various mind-blowing geometric figures within which the Golden Ratio is embedded. Requiring not more than an effortless wisdom of geometry and algebra, the authors supply readers a brand new appreciation of the necessary characteristics and inherent great thing about arithmetic.

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The Heap arises at the onset of uncertainty . In practice, the Heap contains a boring number of sand grains ; and the smallest Heap contains the smallest boring number of sand grains! 18 Diamond, A Paradox Logic Finitude. Finite is the opposite of infinite; but in paradox-land, that's no excuse! In fact the concept of finiteness is highly paradoxical; for though finite numbers are finite individually and in finite groups, yet they form an infinity. Let us attempt to evaluate finiteness. Let F ='finitude', or'finity; the generic finite expression .

These normal forms are just like their counterparts in boolean logic, except that they allow differential terms. 46 Diamond, A Paradox Logic Theorem: The Primary Normal Forms F(x) = (A and x) or (B and not(x)) or (C and dx) or D F(x) = (a or not(x)) and (b or x) and (c or Dx) and d where A,B,C,D,a,b,c,d are all free of variable x, and: AorD = F(t) = aandd B or D = F(f) = b and d A or B or C or D = F(i) or F(j) = d D = F(i) and F(j) = a and b and c and d Proof: We get the first two equations from the Disjunctive and Conjunctive Normal Forms by collecting like terms with respect to the variable x.

Students of feasibility will recognize this as a variant of the Boolean Consistency Problem, and therefore NP-complete. Diamond logic's completeness suggest this: Conjecture. Diamond is a "categorical" DeMorgan algebra: Any De Morgan algebra is a subalgebra of images of products of diamond . These De Morgan algebras need not have the Interference axiom; they are subalgebras of ones that do. Thus diamond is to De Morgan algebras as two-valued logic is to Boolean algebra. I consider diamond to be a 2-dimensional extension of twovalued logic that solves paradox, just as the complex numbers are a 2dimensional extension of the real line that solves x2=- 1 .

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