The Isaiah Targum: Introduction, Translation, Apparatus and by Bruce D. Chilton

By Bruce D. Chilton

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Immediately before the Translation, we have placed the BIBLIOGRAPHY, which is not exhaustive, but lists the works consulted as well as the most important contributions which relate to the study of the Targum. In making the final compilation of entries, the assistance of Hilary Robb and Clare Walter was most useful. Their help in compiling the entries was part of their work within the Department of Information Studies at Shefield University. The bibliography is followed by an explanation of the scheme of ABBREVIATIONS used in the volume, and a GLOSSARY that sets out the meaning of words which may be unfamiliar to the English-speaking reader.

Causative Corm. The Antwerp Polyglot has"my,fear"for~my 1ow"at the end of the vene. The variant might have been caused by the appearance of the phrase earlier in the verse. I n any case, the word play of the verse was missed by the copyist: an ass recognizes its crib ('wry), but Israel has forgotten the law ('wryl). 1:2 1:4 "rink may more literally be translated "debts", the usual term in the Tg. "if war said"/'fhem''may seem an unduly literalistic rendering. but it should be retained in English, rather than tramformed into a passive form such as"they were called''.

221 1 will continue to serve as the basic text-there is good cause to encourage further textual inquiry. The Format of the Present Volume This book is designed for those who are beginning Targum study, and provides material for those who have already progressed somewhat. Beginners will have recourse first of all to the Translation, and the Notes are intended to help orient them in the message conveyed by the Targum in its two levels. Students with recourse to Aramaic will perhaps require remarks of a linguistic and textual nature; such comments are made in the Apparatus.

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