The Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Challa (Studies in Semitic by Fassberg

By Fassberg

Aramaic has been spoken uninterruptedly for greater than 3000 years, but a iteration from now so much Aramaic dialects may be extinct. The research of the Northeastern Neo-Aramaic (NENA) dialects has elevated dramatically long ago decade as linguists search to list those dialects earlier than the disappearance in their final audio system. This paintings is a distinct documentation of the now extinct Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialect of Challa (modern-day Cukurca, Turkey). it really is in line with recordings of the final local speaker of the dialect, who passed on to the great beyond in 2007. as well as a grammatical description, it comprises pattern texts and a word list of the dialect. Jewish Challa belongs to the cluster of NENA dialects referred to as 'lishana deni' and reference is made all through to different dialects inside of this staff.

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JZakho bassima with JBetan basima. 42 For a discussion of the phenomenon see Hoberman . The gemination in pÃmma, pumma ‘mouth’ goes back to PrAram. For the forms of this word in Aramaic dialects see Nöldeke :–. 43 Cf. )’. )’ (Fassberg ). , ahhad .. )’, eh. )’, eˇsma ‘name’, edma ‘blood’. See Spitaler :–, –, ; ¯ ¯ Arnold :,,. h). The assimilation of gutturals to contiguous consonants is surprising in NeoAram, though it is attested phonology  g. The gemination in xut.

B. , b¯aba ‘father’ g¯are ‘roof ’ hud¯aya ‘Jew’ k¯apa ‘shoulder’ > > > > babaw¯asa garaw¯asa hudayeni kap¯ane ‘fathers’ ‘roofs’ ‘our Jews’ ‘shoulders’ 23 But not in mese ‘he brings’ vs. mesya ‘she brings’ or menÃx ‘look around! )’ vs. menxun ‘look around! )’. See also Mutzafi a:. , mˇsadore ‘sending’ (cf. (m)ˇsa¯dÃr ‘he may send’). c. a¯ and i do not shorten, however, in loanwords: " a¯g˙a ‘agha’ pis ‘filthy’ > " a¯g˙a¯ye " a¯g˙a¯t¯usa > pisyat¯usa ‘aghas’ ‘masterdom’ ‘filth’ d. a¯ remains in neo-construct forms: b¯aba ‘son’ br¯ata ‘daughter’ qd¯ala ‘neck’ > b¯ab> br¯at> qd¯al- ‘father of ’ ‘daughter of ’ ‘neck of ’ e.

Mur" ÃˇsÃnnox ‘you woke me up’. In " Ãl#uwwa ‘inside’ (< ClAram Çb)¯ *g > g > #. a ‘request’ ‘they may suffer’. d. a), xpq ˃ ˃ ‘embrace’ (< ClAram ÷áç), gupta ‘cheese’ (cf. , nixÃd b¯abi ['ni:χid 'bha:bhi ] ‘my late ['$i:dhit '§ukum] ‘the hand of the government’. d father’ vs. "idÃd hukum . of the indefinite pronoun kud ‘each, every’ is devoiced before unvoiced consonants in *kud + xa > kutxa ‘each one’, *kud + "arbeni > kút"arbeni ‘the four of them’. f). . Pharyngeals and Glottals a. The ClAram pharyngeals h.

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