The Jury Summation as Speech Genre: An Ethnographic Study of by Bettyruth Walter

By Bettyruth Walter

The yank court docket trial is a speech scenario. every little thing happens throughout the spoken observe. The 'summation', as speech occasion embedded in the trial, that is the chronological and mental end result of it, is among the few possibilities for the attorney to speak without delay with jurors. however the speech style summation comprises preliminaries in addition to the development itself; and it could actually impact the aftermath of the trial, for the selections of the jurors can be motivated through this discourse.This ethnographic research considers the summation from 3 views: that of the manufacturer, from the perspective of the ethnographer who saw and analyzed sixty-six real summations and from that of the receivers of the speech occasion who needs to act upon it. info used to be got from post-deliberation questionnaires accomplished by means of 223 jurors, plus 35 trade jurors.

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It has a bunch of tiny little pieces of evidence, all com­ ing in at different times — and really meaningless to a jury. And when you put it together in the summation, it becomes a great big painting. " Stanley E. Preiser 2. " .  Carroll 42 THE JURY SUMMATION AS SPEECH GENRE 3. "Much of the time I am trying to raise doubts. Unpersuade. " "It's very important to make them address only one question: not 'guilty' or 'inno­ cent', or anything else. [Just], did the proof presented by the government eliminate every reasonable doubt, or didn't it?

For instance, which features were common to the closing speeches of all or most of the informants, and which seemed to be idiosyn­ cratic? After the quantitative organization of lawyer responses, qualitative data follow in the form of direct quotes from the lawyers. In this way, the speech event summation is described by the users in their own words. , use of metaphors, rhetorical questions, style, truth versus justice in the courtroom 3. Summation: In the Words of the Senders "It is the ethnographer's duty to report the significant dimensions as perceived and reacted to by participants in the culture" (Black and Metzger 1965).

The jury wants to know how you really feel. They need to know you more. They need to hear from you. They need to know what it is that you think about the case, what you think about the witnesses . . " Richard Haynes B. Would the outcome of the trial be different without the summation? 32 40 THE JURY SUMMATION AS SPEECH GENRE a) Yes 1. "Undoubtedly. " Toro 2. "Oh, I think so. " Litvin 3. "If there were no summations, I'm not sure I'd be a trial lawyer. " Criminal Defense 4. S. brackets you. He sums up, you sum up, and then he follows.

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