The Lie Behind the Lie Detector by George W. Maschke, Gino J. Scalabrini

By George W. Maschke, Gino J. Scalabrini

We wrote this brief e-book to name public cognizance to the hazards of
polygraphy and to guard the blameless from polygraph abuse.
Because of our government’s reliance in this pseudoscientific
procedure, millions of honest individuals were falsely accused
of deception and suffered critical adversarial outcomes. On the
other hand, misleading individuals can simply defeat polygraph “tests”
through countermeasures, as did convicted secret agent Aldrich H. Ames.
We desire that this publication might help to stimulate knowledgeable public
debate approximately polygraph coverage and hasten the day while our
government involves its senses and ends its reliance in this latter-day
trial by means of ordeal. Our reliance on unreliable polygraphy is
undermining—not strengthening—our nationwide protection. Society
does no longer have to locate a correct lie detector (it may well by no means happen)
before taking out a bogus one. Polygraphy has to be abolished.
We are dispensing this ebook in digital structure freed from charge
in order to arrive the broadest viewers attainable. We didn’t write
this booklet to become profitable. We merely ask that you just inform others about
this publication for those who locate it informative and useful.
This e-book is formatted for double-sided printing, and we encourage
you to print out as many copies as you love to proportion with your
family, associates, and colleagues.

We view this e-book as a piece in growth and plan to release
updated versions as new details warrants. Check for the most recent edition.

Contact us to profit how one can support to place an finish to polygraphy.
We welcome your reviews via e mail on the addresses lower than. If
you desire to shield the privateness of your correspondence, e mail us
for our PGP public keys.

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On  July , he pled guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Hanssen, a counterintelligence specialist, is the highest ranking FBI employee ever arrested for espionage, and the damage he caused has been characterized as exceptionally grave. Hanssen’s former boss, David Major, described his access to classified information as: “Everything—all sources, all methods, all techniques, all targets. There’s only a few people in counterintelligence that have to know everything. ” (Loeb & Masters, ) A furor erupted over press accounts that Hanssen was never polygraphed during his FBI career.

A report by Walter Pincus and Vernon Loeb of the on polygraph policy  Washington Post (Pincus & Loeb, ) suggests that such is the case: “He failed an agency polygraph,” one intelligence official explained. Pincus and Loeb report that notwithstanding the CIA’s polygraph results, the FBI later debriefed the defector in the United States and believes him to be legitimate. If, as seems likely, the CIA did terminate its relationship with the “walk-in” based on the voodoo science of polygraphy, then it committed a blunder of monumental proportions.

S. Department of Energy, c), Dr. Ryan stated: …What we do know is that people have been successful in the past in using countermeasures to defeat the polygraph exam. The Ames case was an example. … (p. S. Department of Energy, d), Dr. Ryan stated: …We do acknowledge that there have been cases where we’ve been defeated by countermeasures.  the lie behind the lie detector I guess one of the most famous ones was the Aldrich Ames case, by the CIA. It was found he was trained by the Soviets in how to defeat the polygraph.

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