The Mack Within by Tariq Nasheed

By Tariq Nasheed

The artwork of Mackin' was once the 1st publication of principles for players-from overcoming fears of having dissed to recognizing a stank useless on. Now the professional on mackin' is again with the final word straight-up consultant for each mack and mack-wannabe. even if he is after ass or money, attempting to spit online game at a Benz-driving Diamond woman or a street-tough Copper Chick, or if he is simply uninterested in being coochie-whipped, it is time to open up this ebook and liberate the time-tested secrets and techniques of the pimp video game.

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His game is to make the female become dependent on h i m . He feels that if a w o m a n is financially dependent on h i m , he is in control. " The Sassy Brother is the male equivalent of a hoochie, dressing to get attention. These are the Eric B e n e t - or Lenny Kravitz-type cats w h o you see in the club 21 THE MACK W I T H I N wearing things like see-through shirts, chokers, tongue rings, lace, toe rings, or ankle bracelets. Basically, Sassy Brothers like to wear the total opposite of what a true m a c k would wear.

And w h e n it gets d o w n to it, you have to be able to get with a female a n d t a p that ass gangster-style, like the Super Thug. Top Five Macks in Hollywood 1. Denzel Washington 2. Warren Beatty 3. Jack Nicholson 4. George Clooney 5. Bob Barker 2S A MACK MUST VALUE HIMSELF o be a t r u e mack, you m u s t first disregard everything your m o t h e r ever told you about dating and relationships. We are currently living in a time where m a n y of us grow up without fathers in the h o u s e h o l d .

The Super Thug T h e Super T h u g is that in-and-out-of-jail b r o t h e r w h o only thinks in t e r m s of his survival. These are the gangsta-type cats w h o don't play by anyone's rules, a n d they are d o w n to do whatever. These are the guys w h o are involved w i t h carjackings, stickups, a n d dope-dealing. Super T h u g s have no sense of morality; therefore 24 WHAT KIND OF MACK ARE YOU? they have no remorse for the people they get over on. Now, don't confuse the Super T h u g with the w a n n a b e t h u g w h o only pretends to be gangsta because n o w it's the hip thing to do.

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