The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, by Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

By Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

The writer rather is familiar with what he's speaking approximately. As a working laptop or computer programmer, i will be able to inform that the writer is talking from event. And he makes his issues truly and thoroughly.

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The Problem Programming managers have long recognized wide productivity variations between good programmers and poor ones. But the actual measured magnitudes have astounded all of us. In one of their studies, Sackman, Erikson, and Grant were measuring performances of a group of experienced programmers. Within just this group the ratios between best and worst performances averaged about 10:1 on productivity measurements and an amazing 5:1 on program speed and space measurements! In short the $20,000/year programmer may well be 10 times as productive as the $10,000/year one.

Often he will need to do small studies (two or three days) on good technique. One language lawyer can service two or three surgeons. This, then, is how 10 people might contribute in welldifferentiated and specialized roles on a programming team built on the surgical model. How It Works The team just defined meets the desiderata in several ways. Ten people, seven of them professionals, are at work on the problem, but the system is the product of one mind—or at most two, acting uno animo. Notice in particular the differences between a team of two programmers conventionally organized and the surgeon-copilot team.

The surgeon will need a bank of suitable test cases for testing pieces of his work as he writes it, and then for testing the whole thing. The tester is therefore both an adversary who devises system test cases from the functional specs, and an assistant who devises test data for the day-by-day debugging. He would also plan testing sequences and set up the scaffolding required for component tests. The language lawyer. By the time Algol came along, people began to recognize that most computer installations have one or two people who delight in mastery of the intricacies of a programming language.

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