The Mythology of the Night Sky: An Amateur Astronomer's by David E. Falkner

By David E. Falkner

Every beginner astronomer can simply realize lots of the constellations, yet what percentage people comprehend the tale at the back of them? What myths did the traditional Greeks weave round the powerful hunter Orion that areas him so prominently within the sky? were you aware that this legendary being was once stated to were killed via Diana, herself a hunter, whereas he was once exhausted by way of his struggle with Scorpius? The constellation of Scorpius, the large scorpion, is ruled by way of the crimson supergiant Antares and hangs within the sky contrary Orion. but there's no constellation of Diana to be found!

The Mythology of the evening Sky moves a stability among yard astronomy and historical mythology. prepared by way of seasons, this publication describes Ptolemy's forty eight constellations with position and outline intimately, whereas additionally telling the mythological stories in complete. besides the named constellations, this identify additionally accommodates the lore in the back of the christening of the planets and their satellites. Readers observe the significance of the traditional characters, why they have been immortalized within the sky, how numerous constellations are all woven into an identical tale and the way satellite tv for pc names are relating to their planets.

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Oenopion thought the task could never be accomplished and Orion would never marry his daughter. Day after day Orion would set out and every evening he would return with numerous pelts and skins. He finally rid the island of all the dangerous wild beasts and approached Oenopion again. Oenopion claimed all the beasts were not yet caught and refused Orion again. Orion finally realized Oenopion really didn’t want to give up his daughter. He was angry and frustrated that Oenopion would come between him and the woman he loved.

The battle between the scorpion and Orion raged on and on. Orion grew more and more tired and eventually had to run for his life. He ran to the shore, waded into the water, and wandered far out to sea. From shore he appeared as a mere speck and Apollo quickly took advantage of the situation. Diana arrived on the scene and Apollo brought her attention to the speck far out on the sea. He told her that although she was a fine hunter, even her abilities were limited. He dared her to try to hit the speck on the sea with her arrow.

10 Star chart of Aries (courtesy Starry Night Education) Named Stars of Aries Bayer designation Mag. 0, Aries holds an important place in history. The point at which the ecliptic crosses the celestial equator marks the equinox, a word that literally means “equal night,” meaning that day and night are of equal length. c. it was located in Aries. The precession of the equinoxes has since moved the vernal equinox into Pisces. Nevertheless, Aries gained special prominence to ancient cultures, for when 46 3 The Winter Constellations the Sun entered Aries it marked the beginning of spring and planting time.

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