The Pilgrimage (Plus) by Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

The Pilgrimage lead the way to Paulo Coehlo's foreign bestselling novel The Alchemist. in lots of methods, those volumes are companions—to actually understand one, you want to learn the opposite. Step within this appealing account of Paulo Coehlo's pilgrimage alongside the line to Santiago. This interesting parable explores the necessity to locate one's personal course. in any case, we find that the extreme is often present in the normal and straightforward methods of daily humans. half experience tale, half consultant to self-discovery, this compelling story provides the appropriate mix of attraction and perception.

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Because of the heat, we adopted the Spanish custom of the siesta and rested between two and four in the afternoon when the sun was at its hottest. That afternoon, as we sat in an olive grove, the old man had come up to us and offered us a taste of wine. In spite of the heat, the habit of drinking wine had been part of life in that region for centuries. What do you mean, love was murdered there? I asked, since the old man seemed to want to strike up a conversation. Many centuries ago, a princess who was walking the Road to Santiago, Felicia of Aquitaine, decided, on her way back to Compostela, to give up everything and live here.

The Pilgrimage The Creator and the Created For seven days we continued walking through the Pyrenees, climbing and descending the mountains, and each evening, as the rays of the sun reflected from the tallest peaks, Petrus had me perform the Seed Exercise. On the third day of our trek, we passed a cement marker, painted yellow, indicating that we had crossed the frontier; from then on we would be walking through Spain. * I asked him whether he was worried about the many things he had been forced to abandon in order to guide a pilgrim in search of his sword.

But when all is said and done, youre the one who must decide how you handle it. The kindness expressed in his final phrase calmed me down a bit. If it was I who decided what I would do, then it was better to take advantage of the situa- tion. I breathed deeply and tried not to think. I put myself into a strange state, one in which time was something distant and of no interest to me. I calmed myself more and more and began to perceive the things that surrounded me through new eyes. My imagination, which was unavailable when I was tense, began to work to my advantage.

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