The price of freedom: the unfinished diary, Volume 1 by Hasan Muhammad Tiro, National Liberation Front Acheh

By Hasan Muhammad Tiro, National Liberation Front Acheh Sumatra. Information Dept

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He was of course being told by the security men not to use it without permission. Since he had come, we treated Mansur Amin as other visitors, allowing him to observe and to participate in our daily life, and attending regular indoctrination sessions, hoping that one of these days he might see the light, get out of his typical Jakartan's apathy and becoming one of our militants. He was assigned a place to sleep in our guest house, far removed from my quarters. One day, however, while I was praying, alone, and no one else was around, a rare occasion, and Mansur Amin was alone also - or so he thought - while pretending to sleep with his back flat on the mat,he suddenly produced a tiny miniature camera, about the size of the index finger, and without lifting his body and head except a little turning, aimed his camera at me and took a series of quick pictures and then pretending to fall asleep again - while my security man observed him closely.

Said Army Commander. Amin followed the order meekly. " Another order came in. With his hands trembling and his face like crying,Mansur Amin did what he was ordered to do. - "I will keep both of your cameras and will give you back when you can go home," said the Commander. - "That is all for now. " Said the Commander again. -"Yes, Sir," said Mansur Amin almost inaudible and dragged himself slowly away. (FEBRUARY 10, 1977) My nephew, Tengku Abdul Wahab Umar di Tiro, who was a friend of Mansur Amin in his student's day, heard the news about what happened with Mansur Amin.

The mountain is also the historic guerilla hideouts when there were wars against invaders in Acheh, I have a sad memory about this mountain. My oldest sister, Tengku Nyak Adyan,died in Mam pree during the Achehnese resistance against Javanese in 1950s, when my late brother, Tengku Zainul Abidin, retreated to Mampree with the family members and stayed here for several years. My sister was here with my brother and other members of my family. Also my late mother was here. But I do have the remains of my ancestors scattered on e-very mountain top and every valley all over Acheh as a consequent of wars with invaders.

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