The Process of Political Succession by Peter Calvert (eds.)

By Peter Calvert (eds.)

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In the event he himself terminated his own mandate in April 1969 by his abrupt resignation. He had used the threat of this to force through, in the aftermath of the events of 1968,25 a new referendum on three rather minor issues, and, being defeated, went off on holiday to Parknasilla in the south-west of Ireland while his successor was being chosen. The 1962 amendment to the Constitution required that Alain Poher, the President of the Senate, serve as acting President while a fresh election was held.

For the role of presidential staff in the US see inter alia Patrick Anderson, The President's Men (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1968); Stephen Hess, Organizing the Presidency (Washington, DC: The Brookings Institution, 1976); John H. 23l-58. Merrilee S. : University of California Press, 1977). Alfred Steinberg, Sam Johnson's Boy: A close-up of the President from Texas (New York: Macmillan; London: Collier-Macmillan, 1968). 40-2. Elizabeth Drew, Portrait of an Election; the 1980 presidential campaign (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1981).

S,L,Comm. CS,S CS,s CS,L Caretaker CS Pholien (CS) CS Abdication of Leopold III Van Houtte (CS) CS S,L Van Acker IV Eyskens III CS Eyskens IV CS,L Eyskens V CS,L Lefevre (CS) CS,S Harmel (CS) CS,S Vanden Boeynants (CS) CS,L Eyskens VI CS,S Eyskens VII CS,s Leburton (S) CS,S,L Tindemans (CS) CS,L Tindemans II CS,S,FDF,VU Vanden Boeynants II Caretaker Martens (CVP) CS,s,FDF Martens II CS,L,S Martens III CS,s M. Eyskens (CVP) CS,S Martens IV CS,L Key: C = Conservative Comm. 2 continued FDF = Front democratique Francophone L = Liberal = Socialist S = Volksunie VU Sources: Gordon L.

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