The Routing-Bits Handbook SP by Ruhann Du Plessis

By Ruhann Du Plessis

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Is PPP encapsulation con figu red o n bo th ends? > Is the PPP enabled in te rface showing th e LCP in OPEN sta te ? > If needed was an IP a ddress ne go tia ted successfully? > For o th e r LCP/NCP pro blems ru n a debug and consider debug o u tp u t be low. - When tro u blesho o ting PPP a u the ntica tion , consider the fol low ing : > PPP a u the n ti ca tio n does no t begi n un ti l th e LCP phase is compl e te and is in an OPEN s ta te . > PPP a u the n ti ca tio n issues are almost always co nfigu ra tion erro rs !

00 90 - Sys tem ID >> 0 0 - N-selecto r - Area ID (Are a Id e n ti fie r) > Is used fo r rou ti ng b etween areas. > A g ro up o f rou te rs belong to the same area i f th e y share a common area ID . > An IS-IS area ID is associated w i th the e n tire rou te r, n o t j ust an in te rface . This is di fferen t from OSPF. > Addresses starting wi th AFI = 4 9 are considered p ri va te addresses (simil ar in concept to RFC -1918). - Sys tem ID (Sys tem Iden ti fi er) > Is used fo r rou ti ng wi th in an area.

Global password is tried first Disables a client responding to CHAP. com 15 TOC Troubles hootin g Frame-Relay - When tro u blesho o ting LMI co mmuni ca tio n , consider th e fo llo win g : > Is the physical i n te rface connected and u ns hu t (sh ould be a t least UP/DOWN)? > To see all th e DLCIs recei ved issue the command > Does th e frame -rela y encapsula tion m a tch be tw een neighbors (Cisco or IETF)? > Is the re two wa y LMI communi ca tion (b o th 'Sen t' and 'Rcvd ' should be n on -zero )?

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