The Search for Extraterrestrial Life by Stuart Kallen

By Stuart Kallen

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This mission marked NASA’s second visit to Tempel 1. The initial exploration of the comet occurred on July 3, 2005, when Tempel 1 passed within 83 million miles (133 million km) of Earth. At that time, the Deep Impact spacecraft released a 770-pound probe (349kg) to crashland on Tempel 1. 4m) wide into the surface. Cameras on Deep Impact took thousands of photographs of flying debris created by the impact. In October 2006 scientists studying the pictures announced that Tempel 1 has three small areas covered with ice.

Theoretically, advanced aliens could have colonized one planet, and after a few thousand years their descendents could have set off to colonize another planet. According to Fermi’s calculations, this advanced race of space beings might have visited every habitable planet in the entire Milky Way galaxy within 50 million years. While 50 million years is a long time by human standards, it is only about 1 percent of the age of the Milky Way. ”36 The galaxy does not appear to teem with life, and no credible reports by earthlings of visitations or communications with alien races have surfaced.

When I first invented the equation we had to guess some of the factors in the equation. A lot of those have now been established through observation. For instance the fraction of stars that have planets—we know now that it is more than half. The number of possible habitable planets in a system is higher than we thought in the past—because we’ve discovered things such as oceans in places we thought they couldn’t exist, such as Europa. So the equation is still good. The numbers we put in it are getting more accurate all the time.

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