The Second Coming of Babylon: What Bible Prophecy Says by Mark Hitchcock

By Mark Hitchcock

The Bible says that Babylon may be rebuilt and develop into the commercial middle of the realm. Even now the ruins of the traditional urban - simply sixty miles south of Baghdad, Iraq - are quietly stirring. What does it suggest for the USA? For Israel? for everyone alive this present day? Are we residing within the final days of earth as we all know it? discover, from Bible prophecy professional Mark Hitchcock. . . 1. How the point of interest of the realm will shift again to Babylon 2. How Antichrist will make Babylon his capital three. How the kingdoms of earth will fade as Babylon rises four. How the fake powers of Antichrist will develop five. How prophecy may be fulfilled - and Babylon ultimately destroyed!

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Sheym ha-ish-shah marat le-viyn This is a boy. zeh ye-led This is a girl. zot yal-dah This is a man. zeh iysh This is a woman. zot ish-shah One man. Two men. iysh e-chad. she-na-yim a-na-shiym. One woman. Two women. ish-shah a-chat. she-tayim na-shiym. G Sentences Translation Transliteration Here is one man. hin-neyh iysh e-chad. The name of the man is Mr. Kahen. sheym ha-iysh mar kahen. To Mr. Kahen there is a taliyt. le-mar ka-hen yeysh taliyt. To Mr. Kahen there is tephiliyn. le-mar ka-hen yeysh tephi-liyn.

This letter is an abbreviated form of the Hebrew word "‫( "תיב‬beyt) meaning "house". The house is where the family resides "inside". The root word is "‫ "שאר‬meaning "head". Words related in meaning to the root are commonly formed by adding certain letters to the root and all of the words derived from the same root will be related in meaning. ) By being able to recognize the prefixes and letters added to a root to form noun derivatives, one can easily see the root word within the word. There are approximately 8,000 different words in the Bible, all of which are derived from only about 1,500 root words.

The root word is "‫ "המ‬with the masculine plural suffix "‫"םי‬. When a word ends with the letter "‫ "ה‬as in this root word and the masculine plural suffix is added, the "‫ "ה‬is dropped. The word "‫ "המ‬means "unknown" and is commonly translated as "what" a word used to discover an unknown. Another form of this word is "‫ "ימ‬and is usually translated as "who", another word used to discover an unknown. When this word appears in the plural form it always refers to "water". The sea (a place of large water) is seen as an unknown place, hence, the relationship between water and an unknown.

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