The theory of mind as a pure act by Gentile, Giovanni

By Gentile, Giovanni

Главный философский труд ведущего представителя итальянского неогегельянства Дж. Джентиле (1875 – 1944). Анализируются ключевые для философии понятия реальности, субъекта, сознания, познания, свободы. Выстраивается связная философская система, основанная на понятии активности абсолютного субъекта.
Книга адресована в основном специалистам по философии.

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As objectivity, presupposed theoretical activity, are many such wise that a single thing : essentially is many, in unthinkable save as from a composition of many elements. A unique and infinite thing would not be knowable, because to know is to distinguish one thing from Omnis determinatio est negatio. Our whole another. experience moves between the unity of its centre, which is mind, and the infinite multiplicity of the points resulting constituting the sphere of its objects. What we have then to do here is to bring clearly into relief the character of this relation between the unity 16.

It is only is itself ii VERUM ET FACTUM COWERTUNTUR when cut off from it is its immanent 15 relation with the transcendental ego that the empirical ego conceived. is falsely we would understand the nature of this subject, the unique and unifying transcendental I, in which e objectivity of spiritual beings t ^le w The constructive process is resolved, confronted by nothing which If ^ ofthetranseen enta ego. if can assert independence, a subject therewith no otherness opposed to it, ^^ we would understand we must think of constructive antiquissima motto " : the nature of this reality not as a being or a state, but as a it Giambattista process.

Modern multiplicity, in. The cm- empiricism, with ar#u- ment against the unity of mind. natural bias towards compelled to acknowledge that in any given experience consciousness is a unique centre / re ference * piricist its t mena, and c 11 i ,1 , i a ll the psychical phenothat therefore there is no multi* or 1-11 within the ambit of one consciouspHcity L J ness, supposes that in the phenomenon of multiple -personality studied in abnormal psychology, multiplicity is introduced into consciousness itself.

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