The Thirteenth Stone (Second Edition) by Reginald Lewis

By Reginald Lewis

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Штурмовые отряды СС. Роль Гитлера в формировании этой мощной нацистской силы. Униформа и методы применения частей СС в тылу и на фронте. Действия Ваффен-СС. В том числе на Восточном фронте. Обо всем этом рассказывается в материалах этого электронного сборника. Материалы написаны ведущими британскими историками, посвятившими истории нацизма и его военной силы не один десяток лет.

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Unfortunately Nostradamus has suffered somewhat at the hands of 'criticos ineptus'. In Centuries 2: 24 Nostradamus says: Wild and hungry beasts will cross the rivers, The greater forces on the battlefield will be against Hister. He will be drawn into an iron cage. This is when the children of Germany observe no laws. THE TREE, THE BOAT AND THE FISHER'S NET 39 In cabalistic philosophy the letter 'L' has specific sacred significance, whereas the letter 'S' is symbolic of a serpent. It is the number 6.

Before we may hope to find any sort of truth, we must abandon our preconceptions. I have yet to find any writing which does not give at least a passing nod to the historicity of Jesus. The closest one comes to a denial is that there must have been someone, in the confusion and turmoil that was Galilee at the time, upon whom the character is based. The case for an historical Jesus rests fairly and squarely upon the New Testament writings, and this we shall come to see is no case at all. His life is supposed to have spanned from the time of Herod the Great to Pontius Pilate, who ordered his execution.

God and Christ are pure spirit, of which no image can be made. As earlier mentioned, Christ in particular (not Jesus) and the Goddess Queen of Heaven represent one and the same element in the creation process as described in ancient myth. The tree is also sometimes seen with a serpent entwined around its base; it is even sometimes spoken of as a serpent. It is the original tree of knowledge of good and evil found in Genesis. In the Garden of Eden the serpentine fish-man tempts Eve with the fruit of this tree, which is knowledge.

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