The Tirpitz and the Battle for the North Atlantic by David Woodward

By David Woodward

The Tirpitz

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In addition, Britain would have completed five ships of the King George V class of 35,000 tons, and four ships of the Lion class of about 45,000 tons. The last of these would probably have been ready in 1944, and there might have been other ships, laid down in 1941 and ready in 1944-45, once the size of the German naval construction effort had been seen. But whatever happened, we would not have had much to spare, for against thirteen modern German capital ships, we would have had ten obsolete ones r and somewhere between nine and thirteen new ones.

Even the most naive could not help asking why for that purpose she was given a radius of action of 20,000 miles when the distance from Stettin to Elbing or Pillau was about fact that the when 250 miles. first pocket battleship was known before she was launched as Panzerschiff A or Ersatz Preussen, was named Deutschland when launched, and then shortly after the outbreak of war was re-named Lutzow. The last change of designation was made because Hitler thought that if a ship called Deutschland were sunk, it would have a grave effect on the morale of the German people.

Both knew what the Gestapo did to its prisoners; Remy asked Philippon if he thought that Anquetil would speak. If he were to speak, Philippon's only hope was to make for the All — Unoccupied Zone which from where they were meeting was only 150 yards distant. But Philippon was sure that Anquetil would not speak, and returned to Brest to continue his work. HITLER'S "ZONE OF DESTINY" 47 Anquetil did not speak. Philippon reported the stages reached by the German ships as they finished their repairs and got ready for sea, while Madame Leroux's organization reported that the German airfields were at an unusual state of alertness.

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