The Vaccination Controversy: The Rise, Reign and Fall of by Stanley Williamson

By Stanley Williamson

Stanley Williamson’s meticulously researched historical past of the British government’s smallpox vaccination application starts with Edward Jenner’s improvement of the vaccine on the finish of the eighteenth century, charts the excellent velocity at which it turned obligatory for kids, and files the a long time of resistance that led to its repeal in 1946. alongside the way in which Williamson examines the social, political, and moral motivations of either factions. the facility to make clinical offerings, together with these concerning vaccination, is still a hotly contested factor this present day, making The Vaccination Controversy a well timed contribution to our wisdom of scientific background.

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The results were satisfactory except in the case of one small volunteer ‘who had had the smallpox before, tho’ pretended not, for the sake of the reward’. A different version of this sequence of events relies on a document that is unfortunately less reliable than it might have been. In February 1756 the Royal Society heard a reading of ‘an account of inoculation’ written by Sir Hans Sloane, ‘given to Mr Ranby to be published, Anno 1736’, and subsequently published in the Philosophical Transactions.

In 1725 and 1726 the league leaders continued to be Amyand, Maitland and Nettleton, with a combined score of 256, among which there were, in Creighton’s words, ‘four deaths of somewhat conspicuous persons’. 1728 produced the lowest number of the decade, a mere 37. The total for eight years was 897, with 17 acknowledged deaths, after which, unless some operations somehow escaped notice, the practice seems to have fallen into desuetude for at least a further decade, and the controversy with it. Woodville noted that from 1728 to 1738 ‘the subject of inoculation seems to have been almost disregarded…’; the number of inoculations was ‘so inconsiderable that it excited no jealousy in the anti-inoculators’.

The searchers hereupon (who are ancient matrons sworn to their office) repair to the place where the dead corps lies, and by view of the same, or by other enquiries they examine by what disease or casualty the corps died. Hereupon they make their report to the parish clerk, and he, every Tuesday night, carries in an accompt of all the burials and christenings happening that week to the Clerk of the Hall. Vaccination controversy text:Vaccination controversy 44 16/11/07 09:16 Page 44 The Vaccination Controversy By Thursday the account was made up, published ‘and dispersed to the several families who will pay four shillings per annum for it’.

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