The View from the Bridge by Nicholas Meyer

By Nicholas Meyer

The significantly acclaimed director and author stocks his account of the making of the 3 vintage superstar Trek films.

The View from the Bridge is Nicholas Meyer's greatly wonderful account of his involvement with the famous person Trek movies: STII: The Wrath of Khan, STIV: The Voyage domestic, and STVI: The Undiscovered nation, in addition to his illustrious profession within the motion picture company. the guy most sensible identified for bringing jointly Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud within the Seven Per-Cent answer had mockingly by no means been attracted to big name Trek till he used to be caused board to save lots of the movie series.

Meyer stocks how he created the script for The Wrath of Khan, the main respected big name Trek movie of all, in twelve days—only to have William Shatner proclaim he hated it. He unearths the loss of life threats he got while observe bought out that Spock will be killed, and at last solutions the long-pondered query of even if Khan's chiseled chest is really that of Ricardo Montalban. Meyer's recollections on all people from Gene Roddenberry to Laurence Olivier will allure not just to the numerous legions of Trekkies, yet to somebody thinking about the internal workings of Hollywood.

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Since my editor’s version 46 THE VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE of The Seven­-­Per­-­Cent Solution didn’t read like Arthur Conan Doyle and my original did, it was easy for me to decide to insist on something much closer to my own draft. Besides, always let your failures be your own. The world is full of advice; you must pick and choose what is useful or relevant versus what is merely safe and/or familiar. There’s no getting around instinct; pray you have some. Ed Barber left Harcourt Brace for another company (there seemed to be an awful lot of this lateral movement in the publishing business), which didn’t publish fiction.

If I had known all the difficulties that would have en-­ sued regarding the rights to Holmes, I probably would never have attempted the book in the first place. The negotiations took so long, in fact, that I sat down one day at my typewriter and wrote another book instead, one that wouldn’t have legal prob-­ lems attached to it. Called Target Practice, this novel, too, had a long gestation period, followed by a terribly short actual writing time: three weeks. The story was an attempt to discuss the Vietnam War (a subject that had been percolating in my brain since college) in the guise of a Lew Archer–type detective story.

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